About Galil Capital


About Galil Capital

Galil Capital Finance Ltd. is a private equity investment and advisory company focused on providing equity capital, financial advice and strategic support to Israeli companies and investors.

Galil Capital RE Spain SOCIMI S.A. (“GCRE”) is a Spanish Real Estate Investment Company founded in December 2015 to invest in residential properties in Spain, primarily in Barcelona and Madrid.  GCRE was structured as a Spanish SOCIMI (REIT) to benefit from a very favorable tax regime in Spain.  GCRE shares are listed on the MAB (ticker YGCS).

GC Residential Properties (“GC1”), GC Florida II (“GC2”), GC Florida III (“GC3”), GC Florida IV (“GC4”) and GC5 Florida Storage (“GC5”) – are private equity real estate partnerships founded by Galil Capital, in 2009, 2010 and 2012, 2014 and 2013, respectively, to take advantage of the recent crisis in the residential real estate market in Florida, USA.

Galil Capital also provides financial advice to Israeli companies in the process of going public on NASDAQ, LSE or AIM as well as companies seeking to raise capital pre-IPO via a private placement.